Sunday, October 12, 2008


Bugani in the bowl

Our breakfast on saturday consisted of Bugani and the ABC Bread (Try to guess it).

As a child I have been to Gangapur and Gulbarga almost every year. I don't know how I missed having Bugani. I don't think it's available in restaraunts and our Bhatji's wife might not be making it and it has onions or may be she does without them. Anyways it was 2 years ago I tasted Bugani from my friend Shilpa's box.

This is her mother's recipe who is from Dharwad and with a special touch from her husband, Sudhendra who hails from Gulbarga. It is a North Karnataka snack by all means. I haven't seen the Bangaloreans rave about it yet.

You will need:


4 cups puffed rice/Kurmure
1 onion sliced thin
1 tomato chopped
1 tablespoon Chutney pudi
1/2 cup mixture/ South Indian farsan OR just peanuts about 2 tablespoons
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
few curry leaves
2 teaspoon oil
salt to taste

In a wok heat oil. Let the mustard crackle in it then add the curry leaves. Add sliced onion. Use a flat spoon to stir. Fry till translucent. Put off the heat. Add the puffed rice and tomatoes. Mix well. Sprinkle water over the puffed rice to wet it just a bit to soften it. About 2-3 splashes should be good enough. Mix well. It is ready to serve. Shilpa's mother might top it with a bit of chopped cilantro and chopped green chilies just before handing out the plate.

What Sudhendra does is he picks the chutney pudi and showers it over the plate of Bugani served to him. Shilpa says he likes chutney pudi on everything as she throws up her arms! This is what makes this recipe special else you will get a lot of other Bugani recipes on the net that showcase Karnataka recipes. It is a personal preference for him but that separates the Bugani I like from the common one I don't care for much. Yes I am a chutney pudi fan too just like your husband Shilpa! So following his reco I sprinkle the chutney pudi on the entire batch mix it and then serve it.

Enjoy the twist in the Bugani!


  1. Nice pic and Bugani?!..something I haven't heard before!!

  2. Gooody Morning dear,

    I'm sure I'm the first one to comment.

    What a transformation of the blog, the design is so so beautiful.

    As usual tks. again for the superb receipe.

    Tons of love and good wishes,


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