Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A New Craze In Mumbai.

Maharashtra Times has published a calendar that tells what color to wear for each day of the Navratri. Entire Mumbai and that includes men and women dress up in the color and go to work or their daily businesses. It is crazy to see the streets full of people and the trains chock a block with people in the same color. Almost like the city gets a uniform. Then people take group pictures and send it to the newspaper. They publish it on a center spread.

To a responsible citizen this a shear waste of print space when India has so many issues to deal with. We are in changing times and may be this fluff is helping people build bonds in a city that has more outsiders than natives. Anything beyond that?

I am a native and I am far away from my dear Mumbai.

Leave a comment here and tell me what you feel about this craze.

Does it need to change?
What will it achieve?
Has MaTaa(Maharashtra Times) lost it and so it is using these desperate tricks to survive?

हा मुर्खपणा कुणाच्या सुपिक डोक्यातून उदभावला कोण जणे !!!!


  1. Frankly speaking I dont think there is anything wrong with this. We need to stop asking "whats the use" for everything that is done.Whats the use of celebrating festivals and eating such rich food when there are so many people who cannot afford one single meal?? There is no end to such questions. As long as it does not harm anyone I dont think it is wrong.. Coming to the space this particular thing occupied in the newspaper, I dont think it is such a big loss atleast it does not depress you like most of the news items do these days...

  2. I appreciate your frankness and it should also reflect in your identity when you comment shouldn't it?

    Most people celebrate and share too. festive food is never eaten alone. That is the whole point? It is to be shared with the less fortunate too and not just with the neighbor who sends in a plate to us first.

    When you say "There is no end to such questions. As long as it does not harm anyone I dont think it is wrong"

    We are consumers and all that extra expense is paid by us. Does it not pinch your pocket?

    There you are right! many facts in life are depressing and running away from them is no good. Being informed for the dark future is more pragmatic.

    Thanks for the comment leads to an interesting exchange.

  3. It is a crazy idea..but I think for a change its nice.
    What will it achieve?? May be feeling of oneness...imagine all in one city dressed in one color...dont you think each one would be smiling back at other for that one day.
    Survival tricks for MaTaa...may be...but I quite like the idea :-) If they start off with Green as the day "Go Green" would be even better.
    May be they can explain the significance of each color..then this would make more sense to a lot more people.

  4. Yes that's the key thing Voyager it should have substance!

  5. I don't think there is anything wrong in it.
    Nobody is forcing them to do it.
    Any i am sure ppl who are doing this are having a lot of fun too.
    Isn't it better to have one in this way when there is so much misery around.
    I am sure if i was living in Mumbia i would join up too.

  6. Nothing wrong with it. If everything you read or see is dreary you won't have the energy to address serious issues. What they are doing is done online all the time. It brings people together, breaks barriers, and lays down essential building blocks for developing a community. It also unleashes creativity.

  7. Manisha you too think that way....sigh....hope it helps the society the way we think....


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