Thursday, October 30, 2008

V Slicer Or The Mandoline

I must have bought it in the year 2000 or so. We had gone to the Apna Bazaar near our home and there was this demo going on there. My Dad spotted this V Slicer and he suggested that I must have this in the kitchen as I was cooking a lot those days. It was the time when we had moved into our new home and as you know we are native Mumbaikars and we have all our friends and family in Mumbai itself. They wanted to check out our new home. I remember for almost a year we had family and friends visiting every weekend. I was always having people over for either lunch, dinner or atleast tea which meant endless cooking. I was on a career break at the time. This V slicer or Mandoline saved my life and continues to do so. Whether it is Chinese or Indian the V slicer cuts down the vegetable chopping time to just mins.

This demo is especially for my team mates Rashmi and Sapna here in Blr. These girls are newly weds and budding cooks. Sapna enjoyed cooking before marriage too so she is always on the look out of appliances and tools for the kitchen that will help make life easy. Where as Rashmi is a tomboy turned good wife cooking for hubby dear. Rashmi likes her veggies cut really fine so I definitely think she is going to like this kitchen aide.

The brand I have is Borne'r. Telebrands also sells a V slicer here in India. Go check it out you gals. Else the next time the hubby is onsite ask him to get you this V slicer or Mandoline.


  1. wow. what next? hey...even i wanna start uploading videos into youtube...have never tried it before. what kinda tools did you use? the quality of the video is good! :)

  2. Nims thanks! I used my digicam to shoot the videos. Then uploaded to youtube using their upload tool. Next made a playlist as these are multiple videos. Then embedded it as object in the post. Its kewl try it out!

  3. Hi Anjali,

    I am desparately looking for a V Slicer..I tried the one from telebrand..but it turned out to be a waste..Is there anyway you can help me with one..i have a problem with my thumb and cant manage manual contact


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