Sunday, October 26, 2008

Appi Payasa for Dhanatrayodashi

Appi Payasa: Pooris in Badam milk

Appi Payasa for breakfast is quick and almost like a porridge heart warming to the core. At Mridula's wedding I had tasted this and its so easy that I had to try it atleast once. This recipe will now on give leftover pooris a new lease of creative life for sure. I guess that is how this might have been invented or may be it was meant to be baby food! Aha but you see in the South most things have to pass the gulp test!!! No one wants to chew or bite into anything. Oh yeah but if it is their munchies then the other side of south please go get a mortar and pestle to make the munchies munchable LOL!!!

Also when you are making Diwali treats you end up with extra dough. Never mind what dough it is just fry and dunk in badam milk and you have an all new creation called Appi Payasa! With that tip I'm sending this post for JFI Nov 08 @ cooking4allseasons. Its been long since I participated in any event so making it festive. Thanks Srivalli and is Indira participating?

It is a new sweet in our home and I made it for Dhanatrayodashi today.


4- 6 Pooris/ Indian fried bread
4 cups milk
1 tablespoon semolina
2 pedas (optional)
2 tablespoons almond powder
6 teaspoons sugar
few strands of saffron

In a pot put the milk and keep on medium heat. Once it starts boiling add the sugar, almond powder and saffron. If using pedas crush them over the pot and into it. Add the semolina. Reduce heat and let the semolina cook. After 5 mins you will see the milk has thickened and payasa is ready. Put off the heat. Tear the pooris into small bits and add to the payasa. Stir and cover for 5 mins. Serve hot.

Top up with nuts, raisins or both.

May you have a slurpy Dhanatrayodashi today !!


  1. Anjali..that payasam looks very festive indeed..nice to have you participating!..:)

  2. मराठी साहित्याच्या या उपक्रमास माझ्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!
    ही दिवाळी आपणास व आपल्या कुटुंबियांना सुख समाधानाची आणि भरभराटिची जावो!

    दिवाळी निमित्य हार्दिक-हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!


    अनिरुद्ध देवधर

  3. Anirudha aaaplya la sudha Diwali ananda chi jaao!

  4. Traditional Appi payasam is made with dough made of semolina and maida. Not any kind of left over dough as stated .... sorry...!
    This is a traditional payasam in most Madhwa families

    1. sarjunarao, I am always keen to learning new info about different cuisines. I am glad you are sharing this here. It is readers like you that enrich this blog. Thank you!

      If you recognize the tone of my post, I am saying it in jest and this is recipe I created from memory of a taste. Also as much as I love traditional recipes I try to bring in variation in the form of a time saving recipe or using new ingredients. So may be this one is inspired by api payasa and not the traditional api payasa.


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