Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kala Jamun

Absolutely Delectable!

Click on the picture and get transported to a fantasy world. You bet!!

I had made Gulab Jamun for Dasara. The last batch of jamuns about 4 got a bit too dark. Like the regular ones I soaked them in syrup and as I normally do I boiled the jamuns for 2 mins in the syrup. This makes them nice and soft and makes sure the syrup goes all the way in to ensure there is no dry center.

A rolling boil later. I removed them out in a bowl. Let them sit for 30 mins in the open. The sugar syrup dried a bit. Then I sprinkled regular sugar on it. Finer the sugar granules the better they stick and will be less grainy when eating. The dark jamuns now became my sugar coated Kala Jamuns. They say that Kala Jamun should have paneer in it. I don't know. I think like Tarla Dalal gets that black color by using sugar in the dough anything done to get the dark chocolatey color is good. I did not deliberately try Kala Jamuns yet my slow fried dark regular jamuns were as good as store bought Kala Jamuns.

L: Gulab Jamun R: Sugar coated Kala Jamun

My father liked them so much that he said, "You could have burnt some more." I'd say they were not burnt they just turned darker as I moved away from the stove. Humm but don't char them.

These dry sugar coated Kala Jamuns are easy for transport. Atleast you won't have leaky packs that make you feel sticky all day.

Drool ~~~

P. S: I used Priya brand ready gulab jamun mix.


  1. Goshhh..truly droolworthy!!!am sitting here with my jaws dropped..delicious jamuns and a great pic too!!

  2. These really look good. Could you post the recipe for gulab jamun the way you made it? I think it is one of the difficult ones to make.

  3. I love kala jamuns and these are looking great..


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