Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beating The Summer With Cucumber Juice

Yesterday my dear friend Deepa's baby was named OM. I met Preeti after 3 months at the do and She said I had lost some weight. Actually couple of other people too mentioned that I had. But I believed Preeti as she was seeing me after a gap. It is not actually much that I do. Yet I think it is due to eating what I really want to and eating when I am hungry. It also has something to do with the new Tupperware kit that keeps the food fresh. The small bowl makes the servings right and I am able to carry a variety. Yes most of us foodies hate to eat the same thing. It is tricking your self with colors and smaller quantities.

A typical Mumbaite hates to carry an elaborate lunch box separately in the hand. One thing is the commute deters any such intentions and the other that it is just not cool! Well atleast Blr has allowed me that. So now besides the turtleback I also have a new accessory since the last 2 months. My new tupperware lunch kit.

The bag holds 2 more little boxes besides the glass for my juice, tropical bowls for chapati and bhaaji and square box for my fruit/ veg salad. Sometimes I carry dates/ nuts in a small box and some munchies like chana, spiced puffed rice etc. I actually feel like a kid with so much too eat.

Another thing is I eat either dosa or upma at 5 pm. At night may be a soup or juice at with vegetable salad or a fruit.

I do begin my day with a full breakfast now thats again something I never did in Mumbai. It is also the influence of W.

Only if I could be as enthusiastic with workouts. I love to play vigorous games but I cannot risk my knees said my trainer Arjun Devaiah. I have to loose a lot more before I get fit.

This is today's lunch. There is a dinner at Ved's (GM) today so kept it lite.

Cucumber juice, Matki chi aamti and Koshimbir


1/2 Cucumber
a thin slice of lime

Skin the cucumber and juice it. I did not strain it as I like it thick. Squeeze a bit of lime. I avoid salt but add it if you like it.

Matki aamti recipe to follow

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