Monday, April 13, 2009

A Rustic Spread

This is the food that my Dad adores.

Katak Jolad Roti,Vangya.cha Rassa DaNya.cha Koot Lavun, Varan, Taak, Fried Sandage, Raw Onions & Thecha

One by one I will post the recipes but before that an introduction to this Rustic Spread is a must. Just like a fish curry and rice is the staple of the Konkan area that I come from. This spread is made mostly beyond the Sahyadri Ghats in Maharashtra and North Karnataka. Hence it is called gavaran food meaning food from the village, unsophisticated but wholesome.

I have been cooking fancy food that is different and Dad enjoys it just a bit. However I see him smacking his lips just at the sight of a spread like this one.

The Katak Jolad Roti, ultra crisp jowar roti is from a neighborhood shop, 10 rotis for a mere Rs.25. This goes best with the Vangya.cha Rassa DaNya.cha Koot Lavun or Brinjals in peanut sauce. Bajarichi Bhakari is yet another Bhakri that is a staple in the countryside. Varan is to tone down the spice in the rassa. The accompaniments like raw onion and Thecha is a must else the spread is incomplete. We will decode the Thecha in the upcoming post.

The Puffed rice sandage is unique to North Karnataka. The glass of Taak with jeera powder is to wash down the hearty meal.

Burp~~ satiation

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