Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chilling Out at Orchard Fresh

It was Good Friday and the day was off actually I did not have to go to office but had already spent a good 7 hrs designing mailers for the upcoming Confluence.

Later We had gone out to a beautiful newly developed locality that had the charm of a village that was green and peaceful and just opening up to modern life. We are hunting for a home. Till now it has been very frustrating. In Blr unlike Mumbai the deals are not clear and not without risks. Had it been Mumbai I would have walked into the builders office checked the papers and signed the deal. Here it is not so safe, most buildings are constructed by petty builders. The builders of repute are outside our reach.

Till date either whatever flats I have seen are with many problems like leakages, bad quality or if there was something we liked, then the building was approved only for half the floors or the lift space was empty with no lift ever going to be fitted in it. One place was good but the society was not yet formed. This and many problems.

I was feeling really low when I spotted this new outlet in Padmanabh Nagar. We walked into a clean parlor. The decor that was summery with huge white chair to plop into and the hexagonal tables to hover around if you are in a group. I walked to the counter to select my scoop and was thoroughly impressed by their range of flavors. It reminded me of Natural Ice cream and only last week I had written about it here.

I sat down to study their menu that was so impressive and finally after 10 mins zoomed in on a Carebean Sunset. 3 scoops of Vanilla with Orangello, Coffee with Blueberry syrup and Mango with Orangello topped with whipped cream, cherry, pistachios and wafers served in a waffle bowl. I meditated on the cool treat as I brooded on how difficult life was. Dad stayed off, he has a bad throat. Since it was just about noon not many people were around so got some peace.

This ice cream is hand churned hence has some texture unlike machine made ice cream. It is slightly sticky and not frothy. The best thing is, it is vegetarian. Lots to be explored in the flavors, they claim to have 150! That's a lot. Blr weather doe not allow freaking out on ice creams at other times but this time the summer has touched an all time high.

A nice place to go to when you want to watch the world go by and enjoy every scoop that will lift your mood. They boast of low cal ice creams too but this time round I needed the sugar.

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