Saturday, April 11, 2009

Delicate Matters

It happens so often in workplaces...

Girish had achieved everything in life at a young age. That focus on work had shifted his priorities and family life was in a mess. His charm was enough to set a few hundred hearts on fire.

Malini was at the end of the tunnel in one relationship. Yet a very positive person in life. Someone who could make life beautiful and fun. She was also called the ice maiden by men seeking her. Lately she just neglected herself a lot.

Girish had tried to talk to Malini a couple of times but she kept a distance. Who wanted another heartache she thought. The achiever in Girish wanted to win here too, her coldness challenged him.

Then one fine day it just happened that Girish got a chance to drive Malini home. He opened up his life to her. 'I am in a mess' he said. Malini cautiously listened and to put an end to any kind of approach made in her direction telling him subtly she had already someone in her life.

Slowly Girish knew he had won and the charm of winning was lost. Malini who had resisted initially was now entangled. It was just emotions, no more than that. Both sensible people had kept out of trouble.

They care for each other just that they cannot take anything further. Malini wanted it better but Girish still has to think of his family. No questions and no answers. Just delicate matters.

What do you think will happen to Girish and Malini? Take the poll on the side bar.

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  1. I guess it depends on the decisiveness (and clarity of thought) of both Girish and Malini! Both will have to some time or the other concur on what would do both of them good and take the next step!


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