Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crunchy Fruity Slurp

The labels for this post say it all. The need for a desert not too high on sugar is the need of the day. It leads to unconventional thinking.

In my kitchen lab I think exactly like I used to write a science practical journal many moons ago.

Aim: To create a desert with what I have in the pantry. It should be nutty, crunchy and fruity.

Chemicals err... Ingredients:

3-4 types of fruits - I used grapes, mango cubes, banana slices

1/2 glass chilled milk
1 cup diced mango
2 teaspoons sugar

handful of almonds
1 tablespoon sugar


First lets prepare the nutty crunch. Coarse grind almonds. Put the almond meal into a non stick pan. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon sugar over it.

On medium heat keep tossing mix in the pan. Do it till the sugar caramelizes to a golden color and coats the almond meal. Switch off the heat. Toss couple of times while its cooling. You will get a nice golden crunch.

You can use this for any kind of topping on deserts and also in icecreams like you would use butterscotch. Make more and store it for instant use. There are endless possibilities with different nuts

Now lets get the glasses ready. I used small glasses. Layer the fruits, grapes, mango cubes, banana slices. Teach your kid shapes while you do it. They will learn Geometry better, oval, cubes, circles. I love it. Freeze it for about 1/2 hr.

Meanwhile get the smoothie ready to use it like custard over the fruits. Combine Mango, chilled milk and sugar in a blender. 2 mins of grrh....grh.. and its churned into a nice thick mock custard.

Now pour it over the layered fruits in the glasses and chill for another 10 mins if you like.

To serve sprinkle the almond crunch generously. Hand out the glasses and long spoons to slurp it up.

Inference: Low-cal, remember it is a relative word.

Conclusion: Tasty to the point Ooh la la!

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