Friday, April 24, 2009

Apla Gotya

I was listening to some Marathi songs and hit on the title song of the Marathi classic serial Gotya.

Then googled for the child star Joy Ghanekar and found this! Apla Gotya... Me and my cousins like all Marathi kids loved it and never missed it. We laughed and cried with him. Gotya's life reminded us of our vacations in Thal. Gotya was the goody goody boy and most of us kids in my family were exactly opposite. I was like Chingi and Gotya was like V bhau but then I was in my teens already.

Wondering if he still pursues acting as a hobby...


  1. jabardasssst!!!!!

    Was lucky to see the series "Gotya" online today. It took me back to the days wen i was younger then Gotya himself.
    and i donno wat prompted me to search, but the search for Joy Ghanekar brought me here. Thanks for sharing this video.... Is a nice experience..... Thanks a tonne...

  2. I was looking for "Chaal Navachi Vachal Wasti".I could not find that.Then this video of "Gotya"was popping.I saw the name "Joy Ghanekar "as gotya.I always thought that Mr Sandeep Mehta (actor)From "himalayachi Savali" played gotya...!Nice to discover "Who's Who....!"


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