Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you vote? I did!

We are back from the voting booth. It just took us 5 mins. We walked in, did the verification. Pressed the button and walked out. It was my first electronic vote cast. If this is not progress then what is it? Casting an electronic vote outside your home constituency. Jaago Re! did a fantastic job.

There is a mistake in the surname on the roll, we will get it corrected. This year we are expecting some changes in the leadership with so many educated voter casting their vote and now that we are able to vote for the candidate in the area we live in. That is a huge change from not being able to use our right to vote because work has brought us to a different state and city.

Did you vote?


  1. they still had my deceased mom's name on the voting list in india and insisted that i am dead and she is alive. i voted in the uk without a problem and in the us without a problem, but india never allowed me to vote.

  2. Oh man! This election commission needs an overhaul completely.We being one of the most populace country makes things worse. It is a pity to leave out the young and opinionated. God alone knows how many had such probs.


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