Sunday, April 26, 2009

When you know you are alone

People who know me a bit tell me I have a lot of patience in personal life. That I am a die hard positive person. Nothing has affected me and I am not bitter about life.

What make me that?

Well in this world when we accept the fact that we were born alone everything falls in place. One has to remember this at the back of the mind. It is something I learnt from the teachings of Shree Gondavalekar Maharaj.

When we are young we think our parents gave us birth because they wanted us. What shit! Most of us were born as an accident. If we plan to have a baby, it is to prove that we are capable of procreation. So that there is societal acceptance.

Then you get married. You need someone to take care of you. A stereo typical requirement for both spouses. The root is in selfishness.

When you have a realization of all this at the back of the mind. Yet you live life disposing off your duties as assigned by society and without complaining about small things and enjoying the bigger benefits that people around you are happy. Then you are happy all the time.

In life we rarely get back the love and affection we give to people but that should not stop me. Whatever you get is a bonus. There is a saying "Neki kar darya mein daal". Well I was born on the Island of Mumbai in a hospital just 5 mins from the sea. I was destined that everything will be dropped in the sea.

I don't carry a burden. Did I suffer? Yes when I was going through the various phases in life I did. Is it over? I don't know the answer. Was anything that happened with me really so bad? There was a reason for it and it is gone.

Will I stop being happy? NO that something in my control...May be...I atleast tried to change in a small way.

You know you are alone in this world. Nothing or no one belongs to me. don't tell this to the world. Just go about and do your act with as much love as possible. That is the secret. Promise me you will keep it :). It is our secret now.


  1. Hi Anjali,
    I read your post. It's true, u r born alone & u will die alone but it's important to have your close relatives around you in this journey of life, for giving strong support to share your sorrows as well as joys . But back of your mind it should be always clear that u r alone.
    Also about our births u mentioned they are either accidently or to prove procreation, but even if it is true, it is very important to create good human beings for our country. If our ancestors have also thought like this there would have never Shivaji born or Gondavlekar Maharaj. I feel your approach is ltle negative on this.

  2. Sonali on a lighter note...if our ancestors were a thinking lot we would have not been here and India would not have had this polpulation boom and all the problems that come with it.

  3. Dont agree with everything you say here, good that this philosophy helps you stay strong and optimistic.

    I have a baby and I dont think we decided to have her to prove a point about our fertility to anyone or because we had an accident. We had her because we are genuinely in love with each other and wanted to start a

    I also feel like there are definitely a select group of people you can always count on for genuine love and affection. I am sure you have that circle of people too.

    Hope you are not offended. I like your blog and the various recipes. But I have a friend who kinda thinks like you (except she is not positive or optimistic) and is consequently battling severe depression!

  4. :) Agree. But now it's in our hand to rectify the problems.

  5. Sonia no am not offended. It takes all kinds to save this world. Well most of what I have written if you look at it carefully is meant for some one who needs help to deal with situations not in their control. Does not mean that it can apply to all. But good to see your point of view too. BTW how old is you baby? Enjoy your time with him/ her.

  6. Yes Anjali. Very true and I admire your spirit. Many times when people face difficult situations, its so easy to go in self pity mode, it takes people of strong character to stand up and keep going. So Kudos to you :))

    I have a 2 year (almost 2.5 now) daughter :)


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