Friday, April 03, 2009

Natural Ice Creams, Mumbai

Who does not love them, Natural Ice creams? The vegetarian creamy super smooth ice cream studded with fruit. It is the ultimate desert.

After coming to Blr there are somethings I have given up as I don't want to die of tasting them. The list is quite something but to name a few, chats, samosa and ice creams. Yes there are the Kwality Walls and the Amuls but for the gourmet experience it has to be Natural.

Last month when I was in Mumbai and went shopping to Inorbit, Vashi we found a Natural outlet on the top floor. I squealed like a toddler on spotting it. Bal who was with me carrying my shopping bags like a dutiful bro, felt his elder sister needed a treat. BTW I was also happy to see a Kailash Parbat next to it! You can imagine my excitement. Both of us called up home to tell we were eating out. We had Chole bhature and Ragda pattice at Kailash and followed by Natural's ice cream.

The flavor that is my all time favorite is Tender coconut with bits of the coconut flesh in the delicately flavored ice cream. You enjoy every bit slowly trying to take in the aroma. It is unbelivable how they keep it perfectly fresh. Coconut spoils so easily but not in their ice cream.

Tender Coconut

I was intrigued by the Jackfruit ice cream. Never ever heard of that! Did you? Plus as I was putting together this post found out the story of its creation. If you love Jackfruit then you will be amazed at how good it tastes in an ice cream. For once I guess the essence is not required here.

Jackfruit ice cream

Since I was unprepared for this treat I took pictures on the cell and they do not do justice at all. Yet you can judge by the expressions on Bal's face how much we enjoyed it.

Bal enjoying his scoop

While I was tipping my new SIL, Sapna on the bests in the neighborhood like the grocer, the beautician, Jhama etc. I told her that she must ask Somu to take her to Inorbit for the wonderful deals at Bombay Store in the basement and Natural on the top. This is a reco straight from the heart. Don't miss it any of you...


  1. OMG!! Tender cocnut IC? YUMMY! We just got Mango IC from the regular store here, don't think we ever get this one here. If ever come to B'lore, take me there, would you? Lucky you, enjoy! :)

  2. Asha yes we'll fly down to Mumbai for a Natural scoop! LOL

  3. two of my fav eatieries - naturals and kailas parbat. my fav flavours are tender coconut, sitaphal and chikoo.

  4. I was about to link u up on this post and there u r :). I knew you wld have some fave too.


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