Friday, October 27, 2006

Amboshiche Lonche

Normally a pickle is never made at home in Koli families. But this one is an exception and a speciality. Koli's being from the konkan and Mangoes being available in plenty we understand this recipe being specific to this area. Amboshi as you know from my earliesh post is Amchur ie. sun dried Raw mango slices. This pickle lasts well and tastes completely different from your regular mango pickle.


1 cup amboshi
1 cup jaggery
1 tablespoon salt
1/2 cup oil

First steam the amboshi to make it soft in a pressure cooker. It should not be dipped in water else it will give a pulp. The steamed amboshi should be strained to remove any excess water. Let the amboshi cool off completely.

Heat a pan pour about a tablespoon of oil and add the jaggery to it. Keep stirring till it melts and turns golden. Then add the amboshi and salt to it and mix well.

Heat the rest of the oil separately and pour over the pickle while still hot.

Let it cool for a day. After 24 hrs store in a bottle. This pickle last for years.

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