Friday, October 13, 2006

Roasted Chillies in Curd

This one is a simple yet flavourful dip for fried items like masala puris, thalipith etc. It is served in Dadar's Prakash eatery with thalipith and I cannot imagine thalipith being eaten with anything but this dip and Loni (homemade butter).

Prakash is the cheapest and the best homestyle maharashtrian eatery in Dadar, Mumbai. So many times after a crazy day of retail therapy in this shopping district of Mumbai we have gone to Prakash for a pigout. Just keep 100 Rs. at hand and eat all that you want. So begin with Piyush-batavada-thalipith-masale bhat-tea. Prakash has a small menu but very authentically maharashtrian. For people new to Mumbai when you land here go around the corner of Balasaheb Thakare's Sena Bhavan and find Prakash. It used to be the blue marquee with silver letters. I guess with so much about Prakash I will be giving my recipes of Prakash's menu, how about that?


1 cup curd
2 green chillies
1 pinch asoefotida
1/2 teaspoon oil
salt to taste

First slit the 2 chillies then hold them in a tong and roast on the gas directly till burnished but not too much chared . In a small bowl mash the roasted chillies along with curds and salt. Now in a small pan heat 1/2 teaspoon oil and add pinch asoefotida and put off the heat. Sprinkle some water this will cool the oil and will allow the seasoning to release full flavor and when curd is added it still remains smooth. Now mix in the chillies-curd mix into it. This time I'll try it with a paratha.

PS: dtd 26 Oct 06 While googling I saw this menu card. I am very sure it is Prakash's Menu card, I just knew it too well. Read the blog and lo! it was.

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