Monday, October 09, 2006

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Om Namoji Aadya ~~~

Shri Ganeshaya Namaha~~~~

I would read the food blogs on the net and enjoy them. So here I am blogging about food. I started cooking pretty early at may be 15 years. Initially it was just basic meals. It is strange many girls learn cooking from their mother but I got the passion for cooking from my father. Baba is a fab cook. We have enjoyed the meals passionately cooked by him on Sundays when he would take over the kitchen and give Aai a holiday. Ek junoon sa hai logo ko khila ne ka and to watch the smiles light up their face. This spark keeps me on my toes to look out for great recipes. I don't claim the recipes I will share here are all mine but the loving touch is mine for sure. Infact love is the mandatory ingredient in all my recipes with a pinch of salt ha ha ha :) !

Today to begin with I will start with a sweet as is the tradition in our Hindu custom.

Suggestions are welcome!


  1. Hey while looking for kumbh mela i stumbled on your blog. Some nice blogs out there.

    I guess ur a big worshiper of food :D


  2. Amit at first I thought it was one my old friend in Texas. But then your FN/LN is so common. I went on to your blog and realised I had visited it before many years ago when it was on a different host. I had loved your picture titled 'Tears from heaven'then and many more. Are you the same one? I will visit at leisure later. So welcome here and keep visiting.

  3. I would love to learn more about our hindu custom! This sweet treat looks so good!

  4. Dear Anjali,

    Mumbai che scenes BBC var bagithale and Tumchi aatvan aali. Colabamadhe Tumchi loka sagali bari aahet na?

    Taj chi avastha paahun doley bharoon aley. Amhi NZ madhye rahanare Bhartiya aata phakt prathana karu shakto.

    Tumchya Babanna mazha namaskar.



  5. Hi Anjali,
    stumbled upon yr blog during my search for 'kayrichi aamti'. there is a variation we GSB folks call udid -methi..make with grated coconut and it adds body to the curry. me ti bota chaatun khaate.
    and btw, I fondly heard 'annie's song' on yr blog after several years..felt good
    on a different note are definitely a food worshipper & this is yr passion. I noticed u wrote 'I am grateful for the Life I have. My day is done if I can touch someone's life in a special way.'
    Why not give life a purpose by sharing your skills for a social purpose? You are an avid blogger so reach our to your blogger buddies, form a support group & try to have food reach perhaps those kids who are unfortunate to not even be blessed with a meal a day on a long-lasting basis. That will bring several smiles in a me, that is a blessing & touching someone's life. good luck in your endeavors. I liked your blog.

  6. Chitra thank you for stopping by and happy to hear you felt good reading and listening to my choice.

    Thank you for your suggestion. I take up things that I can sustain. I do not intend to get into too many things and stop midway. Some of my commitments take a good part of my time. I do intend to take care of atleast 1 child completely. Hope that happens soon. But starting a virtual support group is currently something that I cannot give time for.

  7. Namaskar,
    I am sorry: probably posting at the wrong place. I am interested to know more about "Chaitanyopaasanaa". Thanks.
    Best Regards...

  8. Here is a link that might help

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  10. Hi Anjali,
    I visit your blog often. the pictures of food you take are tantalizing. I wish I could make time to try some of your recipes. mugache laddoo is a good idea. plus jaggery instead of sugar is healthfully tempting.
    For now I have a request - I have a personal blog on blogspot in which I've uploaded a welcome pic as is standard. I'm now trying to make a blog for an NGO & I want to model it like yours to make it look more professional. was wondering if you might be willing to share with me how you came up with the design bar on top (adobe photoshop?). I tried using the help menu but not succesful. If i had your email, I wouldn've corresponded directly but it will hvae to be comments on your blog for now. my gmail ID is ctblogger100 in case u'd prefer to email directly.
    thanks much in advance !

  11. Hi,

    First time on your blog...Nice space..:)


  12. Thanks Sameena ! Keep visiting.

  13. Hy Anjali,
    chanced upon your space while blog hopping..nice space you have..
    Glad to follow u..
    Do stop by mine sometime..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  14. Stumbled upon your blog and look what I found here?
    Hub of information. :)

  15. Hey Nisha, welcome here and it makes me feel good that you call it a hub of information while it really has been a hobby for me just to document the happenings in my life for family to read when they have time and also for my nephews and nieces to know what kind of an aunt they have :) Keep visiting!

  16. chandrakant b. meherNovember 30, 2011 12:39 PM

    hi anjali
    tua blog var sahaj aylo Aani bara vatala me pan mangeli hi. tula shubheccha

  17. Hi Anjali,
    Where are you from? I live in Canada. I made the goda masala but without the daghad phul. also made the shenga bhaji. and last but not least, made bhakri on my roti tava. small ones. Anjali, one question. what were those bharewalis from Karjat known as. Are they katkaris? Pls let me know.
    and maybe if u follow me, that will add grt value to my blogs.
    Loved all your posts. will be reading them everyday. and maybe even trying recipes. shall keep u posted.

  18. Ranga my parents are from Thal, Alibag. I was born n brought up in Mumbai, now in Blr.

    Dada Phul is a must in goda/ kala masala, that is what separates it from other garam masalas. The Bhakri n shenga bhaaji must have tasted awesome am sure.

    Am not too sure, they could be Kathakari or warli.

    Will be reading your blogs, keep visiting, love to have conversations with you.

  19. Hi Anjali

    I love your blog and would love to get in touch with you as like you I am an ex-student of St. Anne's Colaba, and a food writer and editor. Do send me an email at Cheers! Rita D'Souza

  20. Anjali in your Bruno pav recipe is it 1 cup or 2 cups to be added to the flour and yeast mixture? Ingredients show 1 cup but method says 2 so am confused

    1. Saima 1/2 cup should be used for blooming yeast and the remaining 1.5 cups to mix into flour. Thanks for pointing it out. I have made a correction on the page.

  21. Hi Anjali
    I would like to try ure brun pav recipe but am not sure how much water to add to the mixture
    The ingredients suggest 1.5 cups but the method says 2.5
    Mt husband is from Mumbai and I would love o make thos for himThanks

    1. Hope he likes it. Do try and let me know how it turned out.

  22. dear Anjali Madam,
    i am a senior citizen from the neigbourhood of chennai traveling all the time & will be in chennai & hopefully bengaluru too very briefly in december, if there there is a e/book over the temple and Gurus pls share, my mail id may not be be made public pls !


  23. Hi Raj did not find any email id in your message so published your comment and replying here. What e/book over the temple and Gurus are you asking about? I did not get you. There are lots of links google can give you. If there is any specific query do ask.


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