Sunday, October 01, 2006

Koli Style

Here you will find the true taste of Thal. Through the recipes I want to share with you my bond with my roots as a Koli.

When I was 8 yrs Dad moved our family outside the community in Colaba to Fort an area predominantly of Gujarathi and Parsis. Many goodthings happened with that decision. Yet my holidays in Thal and visits to my grand parents home in Colaba Koliwada in Mumbai were enough to make me appreciate my Koli community. This section is dedicated to the entire Koli Samaj.


  1. Hi Anjali,
    ........far away from Koli samaj, mahim.....lying alone on my couch in Sweden, trying to browse thru internet and reach my simple, naive people....Kolis, by finding if there is any information about we Kolis, pretty afraid that our koli samaj is gradually going to get extincted???

    ......Its pity that few of them barely speak Koli langauge as the youngsters talk only in marathi instead.

    I have this urge to do something for our Kolis, as I am proud to be called Koli....and lo, what a luck, I find your blog and your appreciation for Kolis. May God Bless you.

    It made me so happy that there still exists people who appreciates Kolis.........

    I shall keep in touch again, its too late now (01.50am)and must go to bed.....Thanks and all the best...Cindy Lundberg

  2. Cindy yes there are people who love to be Koli. I express myself thru this blog and it is so good to connect up with others from our community all around the world. I am waiting for the day when The Koli achievers step out of denial and stumble on this blog to say a hello here. You bet there are many!

    Do keep in touch.

  3. Hi Anjali. This is intriguing as I know extremely little about Koli culture. I'll be sure to browse these recipes- thanks for sharing!

  4. Pelicano, I'm happy you find it intriguing.I am trying to bring here and share the little that I know about Koli culture. I am a second generation city bred who has been kept away from my culture. I learnt to appreciate it against the wishes of my Dad. I owe much more to my people.

    Enjoy browsing, happy you found this section.

  5. hiiiiiiii anjali,
    ..... i belong to a marawadi family but i love nonveg like anything. so as i m from a marwadi family i dont know how to cook non veg and in this condition ur blog has been a boon to me. i m a regular visitor of ur blog.
    i like sea food a lot and recently i have developed a liking towards dried fish
    so i want to request you if u can put some more interesting dried fish recipes then i would be very grateful to u.
    i stay in bombay so can u please suggest where can i get proper koli masala i dont want to use the garam masala red chilli mixture.
    keep in touch

  6. Hi Anon

    I aways like if you delurk but your enthusiastic hi makes we want to reply.

    I have had marwadi friends who don't want to eat mouth freshner after a meal of sea food to let the taste and enjoyment last so I'm not surprised ;):) that you enjoy it so much.

    I'm happy to know you enjoy my blog.

    Really now you can be tagged as a pucca sea food lover.

    The problem is I don't cook and eat non veg now. So I cannot post pictures. I can definitely give recipes though.

    You can buy authentic Koli masala at Colaba market, Crawford market or Sion Koliwada at any local grocer's. They normally stock it in the Koliwada areas but ofcourse the masala at home is the best.

  7. It was great to know that there are people who have gone far away but not still forgotten the communtiy in which they were
    bought up. Proud to be a koli.

  8. Hey anon and the proud koli's name is?

  9. Hi Anjali,
    I am from south (India). I am proud to belong to koli.
    best wishes

  10. Namaska Ms ANjali

    Any Idea Koli Masala is sold abroad.

    I got spoiled by a Koli friend who used to cook for me

    Now I long for that food

    Can you Rescue me


  11. Can you please share more of your Koli style non-veg recipes. Since there are no sites that share Koli fish, chicken and mutton recipes.

  12. Hi Anon, I am a vegetarian by choice and don't cook non veg at home. Unless I visit my village home I am not able to show case non veg recipes here. Will try to add when I get pics.

  13. hi...please let me know with measurements...the recipie of koli masala

  14. Hi Anjali,
    I had a chance to attend a koli wedding in a family named Chimbaikar in Bandra years ago but still remember the hospitality, fun ,frolic and d amazing food we had. I too want to request for koli masala recipe, heard its a combination of khada masala and 4 types of chillies ground together without frying. Would be thankful if you could elaborate further
    Thanks a ton!

  15. I'm big fan of agri food but I need agri masal powder recipe.Pls can you share recipe of same?

  16. I'm big fan of agri food.Can you share recipe of agri masala powder?I'll be really very grateful to you.

  17. Hi arja P I sell agri masala you can buy it here.


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