Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Ode to Mad Tea party

Anita's Mutsch: Kashmiri Meatballs became potato balls here!

The plate show Loochis, Basundi, Palak soup, Mutsch and rice.

In this blog world there are thousands of blogs but I feel the most comfortable on one blog and that is A Mad Tea Party. Anita comes across as a very friendly person and her space gets hijacked by commenters many a times yet she never cribs. She is the ideal Maharashtrian "Soon" (Daughter Inlaw) that many would aspire to be and you know what she is Kashmiri by birth! I was planning a entire fare of Remakes for a long time. Here are the ones I tried but with alterations for our family requirements. I hope she won't mind.

Anita has to guess what I made and what where the ingredients I used. This quiz is open to all.

Updated: 2/7/2007

Yes Anita you are right. I made the Modur Polav (Sweet Pulao) I liked it because it is different from our marathi Sakhar Bhat yet somewhere similar. The Kesar is mixed so I got a lighter color but I used Sona Masuri rice as thats what I had in stock. It is quite a crunchy rice and I think I can eat it at any time.

The second one I made was Mutsch: Kashmiri Meatballs. Anita guessed it half right. Yes half right beacause thats mutsch but not meat. Our vegetarian family demanded making mutsch with boiled potatoes!

For the muschgand : meatballs er potato balls!! You need 500gms boiled potatoes and follow every thing else that Anita tells to T.

The Loochis are common to Kashmiri and Bengali cuisine. Like Anita mentioned I have had them with black tea in Thal. It brought back memories of Marya & Kali and their small shop where we went to buy the loochis for morning breakfast inspite of having other breakfast options ready at home assuring the ladies that slogged over it that we kids will eat them later.

The bowl decorated with charuli is of basundi. I had forgotten about milk left on sim for an hour so thats what it gave me.

This was my first time cooking Kashmiri at home. The masala is distinct. I had my first taste of Kashimiri food not in Kashmir but Lucknow when the fabulous EverReady Flashlights team treated me and my team to a lunch on the occassion of successful completion of the project that we worked on together. I might have a Kashmiri theme party next when I visit family.


  1. that sweet pulao looks awesome.

  2. thanks for reminding me. i'm off to hijack anita's comments section.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments, especially the soonbai bit! made
    modur polav!
    and kheer with chaarroLi!

    A Mad Tea Party wouldn't be anything without the madness - and all of you! And I cannot describe how happy it makes me when someone tries something from my blog - and you made so many things!

    Thank you, Anjali!

  4. Anita and the Bakar bhaji post is in the draft.

  5. Loochis as well...well, well! First, Musical made mutsch with mushrooms, and now you've tried it with potatoes!! I think we are getting somewhere!

    You are vegetarian??? And all that fish you showed us a little while back....? Or do you, like the Bengalis, consider it jal tori ? :-D

  6. LOL hummmm P loves fish so to tantalize him while he sits there in the US... kidding ...that was the traditional fare from my village. We are born NVs converted to strict Veg. no eggs for us too.

  7. Her posts are hijacked? Really? Must tell that Pel that you were thinking of him. ;-)

  8. Manisha if I think of Mad tea party how can I not think of you and pel or if you like it Pel and you which ever order suits you ;).

  9. Now that is the most successful hijack ever! Her blog (what's her name?!) but you think of me and Pel or Pel and me! Yay!

  10. Anita are you watching this space


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