Saturday, June 09, 2007


Hapoos is to be enjoyed silently. It is the king of all fruits and needs to be given the respect it deserves. So as soon as the box reaches home. I unpack it and layout on a jute bag all the mangoes in one corner of a room. The entire neighborhood might have got the fragrance and we fear people will line up at our doorstep ;) to ask for a share.

The fruit looks nice ripe orange and will have to be used soon. The fruit it best once it gets wrinkles. Mangoes create heat in the body so before eating they should be chilled or put in water for a couple of hours. The latex should be washed of carefully else it gives boils on the skin.

How we enjoy the fruit most is peel off the entire skin like this

Close all doors and windows so no one sees you biting into this luscious flesh making those noises that only your partner is allowed to hear. Take in deep breaths to allow the aroma to touch your soul. Wear a bib for sure you don't want to stain your clothes. Stop only when the seed is white like this.

No Mango can stand up to a Hapoos. Its just pulp rich orange color and an aroma that stays on your hands even after several washes.


  1. the way you described on how to eat right!

    I miss Indian mangoes....please send me one! just one! ;)


  2. Sheer torture only it is!!!

    Anjali, Why are you doing this to me??

  3. Anjali, I am so jealous! :) just looking at the hapoos picture here made me want to sink my teeth in it...I love eating hapoos amba like this...with the juice flowing down my hand as I bite into it...its been 3 years now that I had hapoos amba :(

  4. Hahaha...I am already there at yr door step, now that I know abt yr mangoes ;)

  5. Hi

    Loooks awesome. The sucked up seed says it all....

    Btw you are right mango does generate heat for the body, but chilling it is not of help. BEcause chilling itself is heat for the body.

    Our wise ancestors thats why paired up yoghurt with mango always so that the coolness from yoghurt will counter the heat from the mango :))

  6. Anjali,
    I am a similar person like you when it comes to mangoes. This is how exactly I eat mangoes right from child hood ;) When I was in primary school my father used to get mangoes in batches during the season and large bamboo plates will be filled with hay and the wonderful mangoes in all shapes and variety will be arranged in it. I will live in that room and during peak of the mango season I uesd to have atleast 8 in a day :) I used to be restless when the fruits are served for guests as I will worry the share for me will get reduced:) Now I miss all that fun as the mangoes now I get in market cannot even come near to the taste of the olden days. Sigh! Recently got a chance of having alphonso mangoes. Felt satisfied with its wonderful taste!

  7. Anjanli,
    I am just the same as you when it comes to mangoes. I used to have it the same way like you have described. Not cutting the fruit business at all. During childhood in peak of the season my father (he too an ardent lover of mangoes) used to pileup the house with various vareities and sizes of the fruit in wide bamboo plates and I used to live in that room all day. Now I miss all the fun as the taste of the hybrid vareities now we get no where can come near those very sweet fruits. Sigh!

  8. Trupti send me your address I would love to send you.

    Vee inspired by your sholay. Nach Vee Nach hapoos milega! ;)

    Tee 3 years I would have got depressed !

    Suganya virtual doorstep gets virtual ones LOL.

    Revathi thats something new I am learning about mango and yogurt.

    Nirmala welcome here.


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