Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Amras Malai Bhat and Amras Puri

Amras, Mango pickle, Suki batata bhaaji, Amras Malai Bhat and Puri

Hapoos at home means Amras puricha bet! pronounced as bayt meaning exclusively planned menu. How can Mango season not be celebrated with Amras Puri. In Maharshtra the Amras Puri cha bet is not complete without suki batata bhaaji or dry potato bhaaji. The rice too is special one my Mom would made for me as a kid in the Mango season.

It is very delicate flavored rice not a desert but to be eaten during the meal.


To make Amras

8 mangoes
2 tablespoons sugar
1 cardamom seeds powdered
1 teaspoon ghee

8 mangoes washed and peeled. After peeling the entire mango draw a chequered pattern on both sides of the mango and then cut them away as you would to slice the mango. This gives even cubes. Save the cubes of 2 mangoes. Now the remaining mangoes should be crushed with clean hands to get puree. It is a bad idea to puree mango in a blender as it makes the puree sticky. The hand pureeing keeps the taste intact. Mix in the sugar, cardamon powder, ghee to homogenise. The ghee is just to lubricate the tummy as the mangoes create heat. Now add in the cubes and chill for couple of hours before serving.

To make Amras Malai Bhat

1 cup soft cooked rice
1/4 cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup Amras

Put all ingredients in a big bowl and whisk with a wooden spoon. Fill it in a mould and demould on the plate and dress it with a spoon of Amras. The cooked rice should be preferably Ambe Mohor variety but I used Sona Masuri here. Ambe Mohor smells and tastes better.

About Ambe Mohor: It is a variety of small grained rice. It gets its name from the fact that raw mangoes are kept to ripen in bags of this rice. The rice thus gets its fragrance from the ripening mangoes. Ambe Mohor literally means the blossoms of the mango.


  1. This is totally new for me Anjali. Very nice and interesting. Viji

  2. Hey Anjali,
    Looks like you have lots more hapoos left. Everyday u post a hapoos delicacy. mmmm .....really envy you...I have some "Malgova" varieties at home. Shud try the Amras bhat....awating the weeked to do it :)

  3. Is this mango week or mango month? You make me jealous :(

  4. WOW!! What a unique dish! Mango Bhaat!YUM!

  5. Hi Anjali,

    Recipes with mangoes ae very tempting....So you are enjoying the summer huh!!i got here last week some 4 fruit,oh god!!! it was literally tasteless....

  6. surely cant get enough of mangoes
    u have a mango tree backyard?
    luv the rice...how to make the puri?

  7. Hi anjali,
    u r posting all mango recipes for the correct season:)
    This name is new to me aswell as the recipe.
    Thanks for posting.


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