Saturday, June 23, 2007

Amba Khava Satorya

Amba Khava Satorya is an variation of the traditional Satorya created in My Kitchen Lab . I was thinking how Satorya got its name. Well 'satha' means stuffing in Marathi hence Satorya. This months RCI June: Maharashtrian Cuisine! made me actually rack my brains as this blog is a Maharashtrian blog so what unique recipe should I blog about that I haven't posted already. In addition to that my blogger buddies one by one whipped up the well known dishes from Maharashtra which left lesser choice for us Maharashtrians. As the saying goes "Need is the mother of invention" actually not invention but atleast I'll say revival prodded me to bring out the lesser known yet yummy dishes out on this blog. I experimented on this one too!

Satorya you might think after seeing the pictures its a stuffed sweet poli. You are right but it is not so simple as that. The taste is unique due to some steps followed to make them. Read on....


1 cup khava/ khoa/ condensed milk solids
1 cup mango pulp
1 tablespoon tup/ ghee
1 cup sugar
1 cup chapati dough
Tup/ghee to fry

First lets prepare the stuffing or satha. Heat the ghee and roast khava till it gives a 'khamang' smell. Wondering whats that? Its the aroma of any thing that sends you into a dizzy of immmediate longing. The signals khava gives of turning khamang is when it turns pinkish. Now add the sugar and mango pulp. Keep stirring and reduce to half.

Now take a lemon sized ball of chapati dough and roll out a thin chapati. Spoon the mix on half of the chapati and turn over the other half of chapati to get a crescent shape or karanji shaped pastry. Seal the borders to make sure none of the filling comes out. That shape is the lazy me but traditionally satorya are made with two chapatis slightly bigger than puris with the stuffing in between. I was already feeling like a scientist experimenting with the stuffing so the shape had to change too.

Now heat a girdle and dry roast the Satorya till you get pinkish dots showing they are just roasted. Side by side use another girdle to fry the Satorya in generous amounts of ghee on both the sides.

Always use 2 different girdles to do this for the true taste of authentic Satorya. This one is made with Mango- Khava combo so the name Amba Khava Satorya. You can also make them with crushed peda stuffing.


  1. Oh, my, that is truly a labor of love! But totally worth it, the combo of mango and khava must be amazing.

  2. hey, I want to try this this weekend. I have all these items at home.

  3. Dear Anjali,

    Regular visitor to your blog but never commented, and I know it is not correct. Your receipes takes me back to my childhood days when most of my lunch used to be in aayi's house (we had a Sonkar family next villa and we all kids used to call her aayi) memories come flooding back dear, when reading your write up and your beautiful receipes. Now, I also know that u (Maharashtrians) prepare very good non-veg dishes, would appreciate if not a problem please post some.

    Keep up the good work,

    With love

    Oycie (Kuwait)

  4. i love your recipes.. they are really awesome. here i found this satorya link on other blog too.

  5. Hi Rajesh

    Thanks for pointing out. That guy posts it like his own. He did not even bother to take permission and does not even given credit. The picture links to my picture.


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