Monday, June 18, 2007

Kelyacha Shikaran

Kelyacha Shikaran in the vati with poli, Sandage Gavar bhaaji, Thikhat khichadi

This month Nupur is hosting the Regional Cuisine of the Month : Maharashtrian Cuisine! so it had to be Maharashtrian. My blog is the essence of Mumbai, urban Maharashtra and more specifically I share here the unique recipes of Kolis. The food I cook at home like most people my age who move around however has influences from the outside world. Yet there is one dish which has remained distinctly Maharashtrian is Kelyacha Shikaran as it is simple and quick and there is nothing that can go wrong there.

The mention of it brings back memories of fuss one would create when something in the plate looked unfamiliar or one faked is too spicy. Only to send Mom scampering to make something really quick and still be nutritious. Kelyacha Shikaran is not a dessert like most would like to think in fact it is to be eaten during the meal with chapati or as the Marathi's call it sadi poli.

Banana is the cheapest fruit yet provides a good nutrition. Check the facts here. Most doctors suggest at least one banana everyday provided you don't have allergy to the latex. But remember they can increase your weight too if that is your target.


1 cup milk
1 large banana
1 pod cardamom
2 teaspoons sugar

In a cup of milk dissolve sugar. Mash half the banana and slice half of it. Mix with milk. Use the cardamom seeds crushed to enhance the flavor of Shikaran.

As a child this was my favorite and I could eat 3 polis with it in a go yet at all other times milk was a no no for me. Shikaran and poli / chapati is the best combination and spells comfort food for most Maharashtrian kids. Kelyacha Shikaran is to Mahrashtrian kid what curd rice is to a South Indian.

This was in my draft when FBD led me to The Cooker. So there will have to be more Marathi dishes for RCI from my blog.


  1. your post made me grin from ear to ear :). Well its been ages since i had this. Simple abundance - just amazing - close to our hearts.

  2. Vinaya you really made me giggle with the other one. Mush is what we all like ;)LOL.

  3. Beautiful dessert and I know how good it smells!!:))
    I LOVE the Thickat Kichadi.Hopw you have posted it,will look.If not ,PLEASE do girl.It looks like BBB!:)

  4. thats the best bananas can get for me :))

  5. I haven't yet Asha. Will post it for you.

  6. Simple yet outstanding! Thanks for a wonderful post!


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