Friday, June 22, 2007

Whole Wheat French Bread

Whole Wheat Bread is an inspirational post to healthy option for bread yet it took coaxing from Anita for me to try it out. When I did I chose to make a french bread as I had my reservations. I wanted the goodness of wheat but didn't want it to smell of it. I see you guys rolling your eyes at that. Well Anita uses Italian herbs to good effect so I used a mix of dried basil and oregano. Also a hard crust bread guarantees abolishment of the smell of wheat.

I wanted to try just one loaf so the measures are changed here. My attempt to turn my prejudice around by making it a success for me which meant oil to be replaced by butter. Also the time for proofing is adjusted to the weather conditions here in Blr and it is summer now so needed to be cut down.


1 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup all purpose flour

1 teaspoon yeast

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon butter

1/2 teaspoon basil

1/2 teaspoon oregano

1 1/2 cup warm water

In 1/2 cup warm water added the sugar and sprinkled the yeast. Let is foam.

In a big bowl measured out the 2 types of flours. Mixed in the yeasty foam with a wooden ladle. Then added the rest of the ingredient and mixed to get together a ball. On a floured counter kneaded it for 10 mins. Oiled a bowl and transfered the dough into it and left it for proofing for 4 hrs.

The doubled up dough then beckoned for a puching session. On a lightly floured surface practiced boxing on the dough. Shaped it to an oval. Greased the tray and placed it in the center. Let is rise for 2 hours.

Preheated oven on max for 10 mins. Inserted a tray of water at the bottom of the oven and pushed in the tray of shaped dough. I was gone for 40 mins. Checked the oven and LO! the french bread was something I approved of immediately. I had to hold myself back till the bread cooled well and it permitted perfect slicing. This activity was post lunch so I was going to attack it only at tea time.

My Dad loved it as he is a big fan of Brun and this was whole wheat so we made open sandwiches for tea.

To make sandwiches as seen here:

We buttered the slices of bread placed torn red cabbage, cucumber, sliced tomatoes and drizzled green chutney.

Green chutney- made with 1 cup mint and 1 cup cilantro plus 1/2 lemon juice and 1 teaspoon sugar and salt to taste

We enjoyed the crunchy sandwiches so much that we didn't miss ketchup at all. The big kid at home actually didn't ask for ketchup. I can't believe it!

Three Cheers for Anita!!! I am a convert and yes it tastes and smells gorgeous!


  1. ok. i am confounded. you eat rotis and polis every day and don't like the 'smell of wheat'? tu bari ahes na?

  2. Welcome to the club, Anjali!

    I was beginning to wonder what this 'wheat smell' did like it in the end! You'll find it hard to go back to plain white now!

  3. Bee thats so true I have to have poli bhaji every single day but I don't like dal dokli, any steamed or baked wheat dishes which give raw smell.

    Anita to the healthy option!


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