Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sanjachi Poli

In Marathi Sanja is semolina pudding. You got it Sanja is sooji halwa. The difference between Sanja and Sheera is that Sanja is made with water where as Sheera is made with milk or Ksheer in Sanskrit.

We Marathis are very good at recylcing food so you have misals, batata vada etc. all of which now have a dignity of their own. The Sanjachi Poli is one such creation. Whenever Sanja or Sheera is made in excess you know what to expect next. But many times we make specially for the taste.


2 cup sanja /sheera/ soji halwa
1 cup chapati dough
ghee to roast

Well I assume most people know how to make a stuff paratha. That's it! Just follow the same routine and there you go. Hummm for the novices here is the elaboration. Make a ball of the sanja/ sheera the size of a lemon. Now pinch off chapati dough of the same size. Make a basket to stuff the sanja / sheera ball in it. Seal well and flatten. On a floured counter roll out a poli not too thin not too thick about 5 inches diameter. Roast on a girdle on both sides apply ghee on both sides and remove from heat. Sanjachi Poli tastes best fresh it does not last long. This proportion makes about 6 Sanjachi Polis.

Funnily whether one uses sanja or sheera this poli is still called Sanjachi Poli. I used the Mango Sheera I had written about in a previous post just to add the seasonal flavor to the Sanjachi Poli that can be made all the year round in its plain avatar.

Do I need to tell how it tastes. Guys this Poli has seens generations of Marathi cooking so how can I not send it to Nupur for RCI June: Maharashtrian Cuisine!


  1. So true, in my parents home, sheera is made in huge quantities as "prasad" for the annual Satyanarayan puja, and then brunch the next day is: sanjori as we call this!
    Your version with the mango is so gorgeous.

  2. Hi,
    I was going to make sanjyachi poli for RCI. I love it:). How do u know Amit Kulkarni? He's my good frnd.

  3. Swapna I love Amit's photography and his site thats how we connected.

  4. hi anjali,

    Yours is a beauuuuutiful blog. I came here looking for sheera poli and have been here almost an hour.. Pl keep up the lovely wrk.

  5. Hi Shobhana welcome here! Makes me so happy to read your comments. Keep visiting. Hope you find more recipes that you will love.


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