Sunday, June 24, 2007

RCI June: Maharshtrian Cuisine

I enjoyed writting these 5 post for RCI so here is the collated one. Thank you Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine for this event and Nupur you enjoy hosting it this month. Its a five an auspicious number for just you two!

Take your time on the blog for more Maharshtrian recipes other than the ones listed here.

Amba Khava Satorya

Madhur Chivda

Kelyacha Shikaran


  1. A bunch of sweet and crunchy goodies! Everything looks so delicious, Anjali! Thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation!

  2. Really very simple and nice collection of recipes for the entry.....Eacy looks unique inits own way....

  3. each one is a real gem, anjali.

  4. Great Spread Anjali! I was not able to post in yr previous post yesterday. But let you wanna know that I enjoyed yr recipes :)

  5. Nupur girl you have commented on each post that says it all. Thanks dear.

    Thank you all you guys for your comments.


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