Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lonavala Chikki

Khandalyacha Ghatat hava thanda a song we maharashtrians grew up with and a break from Mumbai meant going to Khandala ghats in which Lonavala in nestled. Mention it and you utter chikki. Read here how it happened.

This chikki was sent to me by the Dheer family. I loved it then and I love it now and will continue to be one of the things I will always love till I have my teeth in the best of health ;). No wonder it is said a chikki is to be enjoyed by the young or the old with dentures!

In the earlier days Maganlal's was my favorite but this time round the chikki from Super chikki too was excellent.

The signs of a good chikki would be brittle, nutty, some what chewy and an immediate source of energy.

It is very easy to make yet one must be careful when dealing with sugar-jaggery syrup when it is hot.


1 cup peeled groundnuts / any nuts

1.5 cups mix of sugar and jaggery

1 tablespoon of water

1 teaspoon of ghee.

Heat ghee in a saucepan. Roast the nuts lightly and keep aside. Many people don't do this but it gives extra flavor. Now in the pan melt the sugar and jaggery mix with just 1 tablespoon of water and boil to get a syrup. To test the right consistency add to water bowl if the sugar-jaggery mix forms a tiny ball then the syrup is right. It is called GOLIBAND PAAK i.e syrup that forms a ball. At this point add the nuts and stir in. Now while still hot pour it out on a greased surface like a tray or counter and spread evenly with the back of a steel bowl moving the hand deftly. Cool for 10 mins and score it to get desired shape viz. squares or diamonds are traditional. Let is cool completely.

This is a Maharshtrian toffee revived by an enterprising Marwadi to make it synonymous with a Hill station that is Lonavala. Do visit Lonavala and nearby areas especially if you are in Pune or Mumbai.

Off to RCI- Maharshtrian Cuisine at Nupur's One Hot Stove.


  1. I have had this from relatives who pass thru tht railway station, though I have never been there myself.

  2. Hi!
    That looks lovely!!! we call it as verkadalai burfi !!

  3. I loved Dharwad - Hubli Chikkis.Looks so great Anjali:))

  4. through this RCI event I get to know so much about a particular state which we didnt know even while we were in India. thats the best part!

  5. Hey Anjali....Wonderful sweet chikki from your family....Yummy...

  6. Suganya the quality of chikki sold at railway stn is dubious nowadays but the shops sell excellent ones.

    ushaprashanth you guys help me impress my friends with such inputs :0

    Asha u forgot the Darwad peda I love the color combo of brown peda coated with sugar granules.

    I agree with you Sharmi. Me too learning so much. Also helps broaden our minds.

  7. Hi Anjali,
    Chikki is my all time fav.....Specially lonavala chikki is very famous.....My mouth is watering to see your photo....Good day.:)

  8. Truly an iconic Marathi sweet! Thanks for bringing back some sweet memories :)

  9. So simple and yet so good. nrought back some fond memories of the guy in the Bombay-Pune train going Maganlal Chhaganlal chikki in his signature nasal tone!

  10. Dhana welcome here! You have some interesting recipes on your blog will visit for more.

  11. You have brought out lovely memories associated with Lonavala Chikki and Dharwad pedha...Nice blog

  12. Hey now these lonavala chikkis and fudges can be purchased online through


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