Monday, June 11, 2007

Mango Lassi

and a Weaving Tradition

India has a very rich tradition of textiles. The colors are inspired by nature so when one goes shopping for sarees the connotations of color are like Baigany for purple like brinjal, Mor panki - colors of the peacock feather, amra pali - of the mango leaf, kesariya-the color of saffron, haldi- kumkum for turmeric and vermillion.

My favorite combo is amra pali that too the green and yellow one. This cotton dupatta/ scarf is one of my favorite. It is a ikat design inspired by the colors of the mango. It is very old and feels so soft. The cool cotton reminds me of the famous mango cooler ofcourse the Mango Lassi.


1 cup curd

2 tablespoons sugar

1 cup mango pieces

few ice cubes

Blend together for just 1 min and serve.


  1. Gorgeous!We always order it at the Indian restaurant!:))

  2. gosh
    i just luv the color
    the bg saree is gorgeous too :)
    i too luv yellow.....well i luv all colors.....but mango color is cool

  3. I love mango lassi..unfortunately I cannot eat curd as I get migraines,but that hasn't stopped me.I make mine using soya yogurt.Looks very nice and beautiful orangey:)

  4. Vini K soya yogurt is good idea.
    Asha thanks for the comments.
    Anusharaji looks like you just saw the picture but did not read the post!


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